It’s that time of the year and as it draws to a close, we all start to think about the year gone by, what happened good and bad and how your business has grown or not.

Did you get it right or did you get it wrong?

2020 has been a real test for all of us and I am sure just like I am doing right now, you are also analysing and evaluating the year gone by.

Your business is ALL about YOUR patients and the patient experience they have on the phone and at your practice.

What will your patients remember about you this year especially? How did you make them feel?

How you make a patient feel is what keeps your patients loyal and returning to you.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

A YES/NO Quiz To Get You Thinking:

  1. Did you listen and ask questions on the phone calls?
  2. Were you polite, professional, helpful and in control on the phone call?
  3. Did you wait and not interrupt the caller?
  4. Were you agreeable even when you did not agree with a patient?
  5. Did you answer the phone the correct way?
  6. Did you let the caller take their time and not rush them on the call?
  7. Did you look for a solution when you were scheduling appointments?
  8. Did you offer your patients some choice with appointment times and days?
  9. Did you try your best to find appointments for patients when they were scarce?
  10. Did you always stand up to greet your patient when they arrived at your practice?
  11. Did you offer anything to your patients when they arrived at the practice?
  12. Did your patient leave with a clear next step and a confirmed appointment?
  13. Did you try your best to keep patients in their appointments for treatment and care?
  14. Did you help make your patients feel welcome and acknowledged?
  15. Did you keep in touch with your patients?
  16. Did you prioritise what was most important and spend the most amount of time on that?
  17. Did you offer a solution to every problem?
  18. Were you calm during difficult conversations?


If you answered no to any of these questions, you now have an opportunity to make changes so you can answer YES.

Make 2021 the year of change and future.

2021 will be the Year to lift up the Patient Experience and Customer Service.

Enjoy a safe and calm Christmas with your family and friends as best you can this year. Stay focused on a bright future.

Merry Christmas xxx



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