Learn How To Increase Your Dental Practice Telephone Conversions...


Learn How To Increase Your Dental Practice Telephone Conversions...


The Dental Phone Excellence Online Master Class

There’s only one thing separating good dental practices like yours, from those dentists who are consistently bringing home six figures a month, and more…

And that’s having great people, with great skills and confidences, working on the front desk of those dental practices.

In a nutshell, this program works with your front office team and trains them on how to assess patients’ needs. It shows them the exact words and responses they need to say, specifically with new patients who call in to either book an appointment, or get information about your services. And the net result of this is basically a windfall of new appointments booked, and more cash-flow, for you.

And let me tell you from my own personal experience, anyone answering your phones can be successful at doing this. This is because the program also explains WHY your team needs to use these specific words and ask these specific questions. It explains how your patient feels when they are asked these questions… and why this leads them to booking appointments.

And this is really important, because when people understand WHY they’re doing things, they are far more likely to use and implement information.


On average, we see:

Up to 79% new patient telephone conversions… 

A 39% average decrease in appointment cancellations…

A 68% average decrease in patients that fail to attend their appointments… 

And an average decrease in unanswered calls, from 32% to 7%.

In this Online Master Class, I will be revealing the same easy front desk strategies i used recently when coaching a small Brisbane one-dentist practice to go from $720,000 per year, to over $1,600,000 per year in her first year working them, and much, much more.


This Master Class is not the same as other Master Classes.

It has been designed to make life easier for you to learn and action.

You can use this Master Class in a number of different ways.

You can choose to start from the beginning and work your way through each learning module and lesson in sequence.


You can jump straight to the lessons that are relevant for you right now, and then pick and choose the other lessons as you need them!


In this Master Class, not only will I be teaching you what to say to your patients, I will also be teaching you:

Why you say it.

How to say it.

When to say it.

Who to say it to.

And very importantly……

What NOT to say.


In this Master Class there are 7 Learning Modules.

Each Learning Module includes Master Class Lessons to follow, learn, action and get results.

Each lesson is 10-12 minutes.

Yes, I made each lesson short, sweet and easy to watch!”

Each lesson will focus on one communication skill at a time.


You will start to think about:

The purpose of your communication.

The process you need to follow.

The end-result you want to achieve.

I call this the PPR.





To help you with this program, I have included exclusive ACTION WORKSHEETS to use for each of the lessons.


  • Checklists
  • Diagrams
  • Suggested Phrases and Words

ALL these additional tools are included to help YOU learn, understand, and want to use straight away.

To get started click the link below:


 YOU get lifetime access to this program.

If you have any questions or you want to discuss the different ways I can help you with Team Training, then please contact me on 1300 378 044 or email jayne@thedpe.com









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