What is important right now in your practice?

2020 has been a big year and now is the time to consolidate and take back control of the practice.

The time to strike and take action is now.

Look at where your business was at the start of 2020 and where it is right now. Did you take a hit? I know most people have.

It’s time to set some goals.

Setting goals is the key to the success of your business and every individual working in your business.

Reaching practice goals is how you best help your patients.

I talk to teams all the time and it doesn’t take long to work out when they have no direction and are just going through the motions every day.

Setting goals gives you and your team a clear direction and something to aim for.

As the leader of your practice/business you must decide on your practice goals and communicate them clearly to your team.

Why not start by asking yourself what you want to achieve by the end of this year.

What a year it has been!

Restrictions are lifting and the level of dentistry you can do for your patients is now much better.

Now is the time to set those goals. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals.

Start with small achievable goals that will make a big difference to your business.

Look at the people calling your practice right now.

Do you need more new patient callers?

Can you cope with more New Patients or do you need to focus right now, on your existing patients and getting them back in for treatment and care?

You decide what will give you the best short term results and set you up for long term benefits.

Does your team know what to say on the follow up calls to patients?

Are you measuring the results of these follow up calls to see if they are effective?

Or do you need to change what you are saying to improve the number of appointments being made?

There are so many questions you can ask yourself.

The good news is that there is a great opportunity right now to rebuild, maintain and grow your practice as long as you know how.

Reach out and get some great advice.

Get your team involved along the way.

Your team are the people who will make this happen so include them in decision making and get their feedback.

Your team have so much to offer when it comes to actually knowing what is happening.

So work out where you need to focus and get a plan happening today!





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