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Some of you may know that the last two weeks have been very hard for my family and me, with the sudden passing of my gorgeous Dad, Leonard Bandy.

My Dad was the rock of our family who had a quietness and presence all of his own.

Even though he is now physically gone from our world he has left a mark that continues to influence the lives of the people who knew and loved him, and the people who are connected with the people he knew and loved.

I think about the gifts he has passed on and how they have influenced what I share with people on a personal and business level.


There are so many gifts my dad has given me.

I am not too sure where to start.

I have chosen five gifts to share with you and they are really worthwhile following every day.

Gift 1- The gift of listening and being quiet.

I continually emphasise the gift of silence.

Being a good listener is so important but being a great listener is a gift to continually work on.

My Dad was a genius at listening and I believe this is why people respected and trusted him so much.

Gift 2- The gift of being your authentic self

My Dad would say to me that there is no point in trying to always be someone else because if you stop and pay attention you have so much to offer being you, just work at being the best you can be.

Gift3- The gift of acknowledging people and relating to them

My Dad was always able to connect with people even when they were so different to him.

Listening and agreeing with what people said was a gift my Dad was so good at.

People felt he paid attention to them and made them feel important.

Gift 4- The gift of patience and concern

Because my dad took his time and listened carefully, he was also a patient man, always showing concern and helping people.

Gift 5- The gift of being at your service

My dad would always go out of his way to help the people he loved and people he didn’t know.

I sometimes felt my dad had a radar that honed in on people in trouble.  My dad was at their service.

These five gifts definitely have had a big impact on how I have lived my life and how I run my business.

Thanks Dad. I will miss you and continue to share your gifts.

Life really is quite short.

Enjoy it and make it great!


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