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It is true that our patients may object to our price.

But why?

This could be because we did not explain their treatment properly.

Or we simply failed to build urgency and concern.

When this happens our patients leave without making further appointments and without a sense of value for the dental treatment that they need.

It is unrealistic to believe that every patient who says they are not going ahead with treatment due to the cost is because we failed to build value.

There will always be some patients who will always believe our dental fees are too high.


I see price objection more as price resistance. Most of the time it isn’t really an objection to the price but a resistance due to other reasons.

Price resistance is usually a cover for something else that the patient is resistant to.

There can be resistance due to:

1. Fear of pain
2. The cost
3. The unknown
4. Vanity
5. Trust

My concern is that we make the presumption that all resistance to price is because of price.

If the front office knows what to ask our patients then they can soon determine if the resistance is actually due to price.

If it is price resistance then why not find out what the patient expected the treatment to cost. Once you know this, then all you need to deal with is the resistance to the difference in price, not a resistance to the whole price.

We now have a resistance to a much smaller amount.

This is much easier to deal with.

Building value for the difference is much easier than trying to justify the total fee.

The patient then sees that the difference may not be so much and is worthwhile.

When I worked in a private practice dental office I personally had great success dealing with price resistance this way.

Learning how to deal with this situation is so worthwhile. It helps our patients go ahead with their decision making, rather than making a decision to have no treatment and suffer the awful and painful consequences down the track.


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