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Merry Christmas.

The best way to think about what keeps your patients coming back and doing business with you is to look at yourself and what you do.

What keeps you doing business with the same people over and over again?

I am sure your answer is the same as my answer.

I do business with people I like and who make me feel special and important.

So how do we make our patients feel special?

Making sure that we give your patients a positive and caring experience is number one.

We need to respond to our patient’s and prospective patients on the phone in a caring and understanding way.

How we initially communicate with our patients is what sets the tone for future communications and appointments.

I recently read a post from a Facebook friend about her trip to the gym at the hotel she was staying at.

As she stepped up to her treadmill to start her workout she saw a large note.

Here is the note:

“Wow!” was all I could say after reading this.

My Facebook friend was equally shocked. She was just about to begin her workout and she did have her towel under her arm. My friend felt confronted and insulted by this impersonal note.

This made me think about how we communicate with people in our business and how it is better for us to send a message that is positive rather than a message like this one at this hotel gym.

Why did the hotel not do this? Instead they left a message to be read by every single person, including hotel guests with a towel under their arm?

A much more positive way to get guests using a towel during their workout would be to give each guest a warm smile and a lovely fresh towel to use on the equipment as they entered the gym.

Guests could be greeted:

“Good morning. Welcome to our gym. For your comfort (make it all about the guest and not other people) here is a fresh towel to use on the equipment as you exercise. Let me know if you would like another towel during your workout and if there is anything else I can do for you. Enjoy!”

Now how much better is that?

In the first place, the message about the towel is given face to face from a team member with a smiling face. This will always beat a note.

Secondly, it is a positive message and instead of insulting the hotel guest you have helped them enjoy their work out with the same result by letting them know that everyone uses a towel during their workout.

This is exactly the same at your Dental Practice.

Look at the messages you are sending your patients.

Do you have policies that your patients are offended by?

Do you have unnecessary signs in the patient lounge that are offending many patients?

Keep in mind the next time you go to print a sign that a sign is an impersonal message being sent to many and may not even apply to the person reading it.

Our world is made up of too many signs. Why not give your patients a break from yet another impersonal sign?

Say what you need to say to your patients verbally, as it is appropriate. Keep the patient experience personal and meaningful.

This is what makes your patients feel special and important.


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