I know this time is not ideal but we are “all in this together.”

Everyone’s world has been turned upside down. You have been affected and your patients have been affected as well.

While you are struggling to see about 25% capacity of patients right now, your patients are also struggling.

Many of your patients are calling because they need an appointment but are unable to make an appointment unless the treatment they need is an emergency.

You have had to call patients to reschedule their appointments with the uncertainty of whether you will even be back to normal when their appointment is due.

I am listening to calls every day, coming into dental offices and patients are either disappointed or annoyed because the treatment they need and want does not qualify as an emergency.

If a patient or a New Patient calls your practice and they don’t qualify for an emergency appointment, this should never mean you turn your back on them.

So what can you do?

You can offer a solution. I know it is never the solution you want to give but any solution id better than no solution at all!

I will continue to stress the importance of making an appointment for everyone whether it be an emergency appointment or a future appointment.

You should also call your patient in the meantime.

Because you are making and confirming appointments for a few months time, you need to keep in touch.

It could be a few months before you see your patients so keep in touch. It would be terrible if your patients start to forget you or decide to go to another dentist.

Make a list of your valued and loyal referring patients and do something special for them.

Most of your patients are sitting at home practicing safe isolation so why not have something delivered to their home.

You can send your patients a hand written note or card letting them know you are thinking of them.

But one of the very best ways to keep in touch with your patients is to pick up the phone and call your patients.

I am working with dental teams at the moment to help empower the whole dental team to make calls to patients.

Dentists, Hygienists, Oral Health Therapists, Dental Assistants and the Front Office Teams, should all be making calls to patients.

Once your team know what to say on these calls, they will effectively stay in touch with patients, build rapport and maintain the patient relationship you have built up over time.

You can guarantee your patients will remember your acts of kindness.

This will make such a difference when you get back to normal. I can promise you this!



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