We have all been affected by the passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We have all seen the world admire this woman close up or from afar. But what stands out the most is Queen Elizabeth’s duty to her role and the sovereign.

She was steadfast no matter what.

It made me think about our own duty in life and whether we are living up to what we should and can be doing.

This applies both to our personal lives and our work lives.

Being part of a Dental Practice Team is all about your DUTY OF CARE!

As a Health Professional, you signed up to care for patients by offering and providing patients with the very best care and treatment.

Is everyone on your team doing this? Or are there some team members who need to pull their socks up and improve how they deliver care to your patients. Maybe your team have never been shown how to do this well.

Now is a good time to assess the type of care you are giving your patients.

Is this care good enough? Should you be giving more?

Keep in mind that you don’t only care for your patients when they are sitting in the dental chair.

Your Duty of care to your patients happens in many different ways:

When a person calls your practice.

  • Do you sound like you care when you answer the phone?
  • Is the person on the phone hearing a person who has their best interest at heart and is ready to serve them and find solutions to their problems?


When your patient arrives at the practice.

  • What sort of welcome and greeting do you give all of your patients?
  • Do you make your patients feel acknowledged, special and important and do you offer to make their visit to your practice a comfortable one?


When your patient is having treatment.

  • Do you actively listen to your patients to understand what they want before you go through what they need?
  • Do you have empathy for your patients yet still give them the very best care and treatment?
  • Do you help your patients with their decision making and offer them choices and solutions to their problems and concerns?


When your patient has to find a way to manage their treatment.

  • Are you understanding of each individuals circumstances so you can better match what they want and need.


When you help your patients take that next step in their treatment and care.

  • Do you hold their hand along the way and guide them in the right direction?


You build rapport and make a connection so your patients like and trust you on their patient journey.

  • Are you getting to know your patients so they feel comfortable and trust you?


Your duty of care for your patients is just like the duty of care that Queen Elizabeth II had for all of her people, over the years.

Her care was enduring, consistent and constant. This is the care you can and should be giving your patients every day.

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