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The more I look around at businesses and the people that they hire to be on the front line of their customer and patient service, the more I believe we need to pay more attention and hire people who truly get it.

You know how some people get it, while others just don’t?

I don’t believe you can teach and train people to get it. You want them to get it before you start to train them.

What I mean by “get it” is how they treat people.

Their people skills.

It is attitude.

What are examples of someone who “gets it”?

  • Opening the door for someone
  • Offering to get something for someone
  • Giving back a credit card into the patient’s hand
  • Making eye contact when a patient arrives for their appointment
  • Smiling
  • Being agreeable and helpful
  • Asking if there is anything else they can help you with
  • Offering other services you have available
  • Standing up when a person arrives for an appointment
  • Remembering a patient’s name and saying it

When we are hiring, we seem to be so caught up in hiring someone with experience who can just do the job, that we are side stepping the most crucial element of hiring.

Are we hiring people with a fabulous attitude?

I spoke to a Practice Manager this week who is struggling to find the right person to work at their practice. She wants a person with experience but this does not always mean they have a great attitude.

You need to make a decision. Do you hire an experienced person who can do the job or hire a person with a great attitude, who wants to learn and be better?

Mark Murphy is the author of “Hiring For Attitude.” He believes that hiring for attitude increases the longevity of a person on your team.

I agree with Mark. Attitude is very hard to teach and the rest can be trained.

Herb Kelleher, former Southwest Airlines CEO, summed it up:

“We can change skill levels through training, but we can’t change attitude.” 

Hire for attitude first and you will hire people who get it!



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