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Do you know who your patients are?

Who you are attracting to your Dental Office?

If you don’t know who your patients are, then you are probably throwing a lot of marketing and advertising dollars away.

Have a close look at who your patients are.

Are they the patients you want to continue seeing?

It is so important to make a decision who you want to attract to your Practice.

If you already attract a certain group of people to your practice then continue attracting this group.

How do you know who you attract?

It is a great idea to dissect your patient list.

Do you have a large group of your patients in a specific age group?

Do they travel or choose you because you are close by?

Are they mainly male, female or family groups of patients?


There are so many questions you can ask yourself to determine who your patients are and who your practice is attracting.

Once you can see the groups of patients you care for you can then start to look at the larger groups.

You can now set your marketing at your target audience of patients.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in Practices is that Dentists try to be everything to everyone.

It is just exhausting to watch and the end result is confusion.

If you can see that there is no specific group of patients you are looking after, then it is time to decide who you want as patients.

Always choose a group of patients you would like to treat, who match your type of practice and the location and then market to this particular group.

Once your practice is aimed at a particular group of patients then answering the phone is a so much easier for your Front Office Team. Patients will be pre-qualified and ready to make an appointment when they call your office. The caller will already know they have called the right place!


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