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In the Dental Office there is a real fear of discussing money with patients. I know because I had this same fear.

If I could avoid having to talk about money then I would avoid it.

I soon discovered that the discussion of money with patients was necessary.

Dentistry is an exchange of patient care and treatment, for money.

There is no getting away from this fact.

What I had to do very quickly was to understand that every time I discussed money with patients, I was really discussing dental treatment and care with them.

Once my head allowed me to see this, then it was so much easier to discuss money with a patient and it just made so much sense.

You can’t offer dental treatment and care (notice treatment and care in the same sentence. You must have both) without being paid for that treatment and care.

The relevance of the money discussion is equally as important as the discussion you have with a patient about their dental treatment and care.

If you believe what you offer is very important and necessary for your patient, then talking about the money is easy.

The discussion about money should always be relevant to the dental treatment and care and not two separate discussions.

Finding a way for your patients to be able to manage the payment of dental treatment and care is also a very important part of the money discussion.

Part of the care we offer our patients is to help them find a way to pay for their treatment.

When you absolutely believe your dental treatment and patient care matches the fees you charge, discussing fees and money is not difficult.

Make sure your team fully understands the fees you set and the sort of treatment and care the patient will receive so they can then help the patient understand the importance of their treatment.

The discussion about money does not have to get in the way of your team or your patients.


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