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I see Dentists getting so excited about their new patient numbers and why shouldn’t they?

A New Patient means your marketing and advertising, to attract New Patients, is effective and you have a superstar team who can convert calls coming into your practice into appointments.

We all now think this is the end of the line. We have another New Patient that has chosen our Dental Office.

But after their initial appointment, does your new patient make a next appointment, and a next and a next?

I see so much focus on the first New Patient appointment.


The New Patient numbers are tracked and results compared and that is great.

What concerns me is, we are now failing to really measure the New Patient activity and production in the practice.

Once a patient comes in for their appointment as a New Patient they become an active existing patient, or do they?

Are we keeping track of when the New Patient becomes an Existing patient or do we just not pay attention?

The good news is if you keep track of New Patient production then you know how healthy your business is.

The bad news is that if you are not keeping track of New Patient production once they become an Existing Patient then you can’t track your growth and patient retention.

You don’t want your new patients leaving as quickly as they arrive.

When you work out the average cost of attracting a patient to your practice, you will start to realise how valuable and important it is to hang onto them.

This one piece of knowledge is a game changer to your business.

Once you know your New Patients are not making next appointments then you can look at why this is happening and do something about it.

The reasons why your new patient may not be returning:

  • You are attracting the wrong patients who are not matched to your practice.
  • You struggle with patient treatment planning and case acceptance.
  • The New Patient was not pre-qualified when they called your office and made the appointment.
  • The patient did not have enough urgency and concern.
  • The Patient handover was not smooth and seamless so the patient did not understand what was going on.
  • You did not connect and build rapport with the patient.
  • There was no patient experience.

Once you look carefully at your new Patient numbers and why they are not making that next appointment, you can start to do something about it.

So pay attention and don’t let your New Patients disappear!


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