I recently had the pleasure of enjoying an amazing airline lounge.

As I walked in there was a woman ahead of me.

To keep things in order there was a roped pathway directing people to the reception desks.

The woman didn’t quite see the rope and went a different way.

Now keep in mind that there was no one in front of her and I had just stepped through the door and not lined up yet.

The receptionist then looked at the woman, pointed to the roped line and asked her to follow the rope.

The woman then preceded to change her straight-line course to the desk, move backwards to follow the rope to the desk.

Also keep in mind that not only was there no one in front or really behind her but this was a high-end exclusive admirals lounge.

Now the funniest part was next.

The woman ended up being served by the same receptionist in the end.

My question is, did the airline lounge receptionist need to follow the rules and procedures to a tee at the expense of customer service and making people feel good?

Of course the answer is no.

Not only was this lack of flexibility offensive to the woman lining up to check into the lounge, but I also found it offensive as I watched on as a customer.

Do you get caught up in the procedure of the procedure so much that you lose sight of the purpose of the procedure, to offer excellent customer service and care to your patients?

You need to make sure all of your team are aware of the customer service you offer your patients and what procedures and systems are part of this.

But your team also need to know they must never let the procedures you follow get in the way of offering the very best patient experience and customer service.

Just like the woman in the line at the airport lounge, following a customer service system can backfire and cause you to not offer any service at all.

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