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This week a great Aussie Airline was caught rolling their eyes at customers and one of the recipients was an editor for The Age newspaper.


In your dental office, once a few of your team start rolling their eyes at customers and patients then it reflects on every single person and on your business.

Eye rolling is symbolic of a breakdown in the culture of your business and the people working in it.

The scary part about eye rolling is that it can soon become an epidemic. One person rolls their eyes and soon most people in your business are doing it and believing it is acceptable behaviour.

Eye rolling sends the message that you just don’t care, you have had enough and why am I here doing this job.

The irony about rolling your eyes is that you believe that no one else can see it and they can, especially the people watching on.

Eye rolling replaces the need to say something in disapproval, yet catching someone rolling their eyes at you is equally as bad as the words they would have said.

It has become an acceptable way to handle a situation you disapprove of yet it is one of the worst things you can do. It leaves the recipient wondering what they had done wrong.

This applies very much so in a Dental Office.

Our duty of care in the medical profession is to serve and care for our patients.

If we want to excel we go above and beyond the service of care and give more,  making our patients visit to your dental office memorable and special.

Nothing should be a problem.

But as soon you roll your eyes in disapproval, you undo all the care that has been given to your patient.

If you see your team members rolling their eyes then let them know what they are doing.

Look at the culture and team satisfaction at the practice. Something could be wrong.

Eye rolling can be a fall out of something much bigger.

Having a satisfied, happy and productive team will mean no eye rolling.

So like the airline that has been caught out, if you discover that there is some eye rolling going on in your business, you can now do something about it to fix it before it gets out of control!


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