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Here are two really great questions you need to ask when you’re making your patient’s next appointment:

“Would you like me to go over the fees with you?”

“Is there anything else you would like me to go over before your next appointment?”

You want to make sure before your patient leaves your dental office that they know what fee will be payable after their next appointment.

You also want to find out if there is anything they are concerned about.

If a patient leaves feeling concerned and they still have unanswered questions, then this will probably get in their way of feeling ready for their next appointment and could mean they will cancel their appointment.

Patients need to leave ready and fully informed for their next appointment.


Who has had a patient cancel at the last minute when you thought they were all ready to get started?

Your patient needs to be ready to get started.

How do you know if your patient is ready?

The easiest way is to ask them.

Ok, you probably won’t ask:

“Are you ready to get started?”

but why not say:

“Betty, it sounds like you are ready to get started.” 

Can you see the difference?

One is a question with a yes or no answer and the other suggests the patient is ready.

Always remember that the yes to treatment is always in the best interests of the patient and your duty of care in a Dental Office is to ensure all your patients get the very best care and treatment.

We have to be very careful we don’t lose sight of what we are doing with our patients.

We must help them make and keep their next appointment.


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