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You must be wondering what that one thing is that will wow potential patients and the patients you already have.

There are so many things we can all do on the phone and in our Dental Practice that will make a huge difference to our patients and how they feel.

There is one action that I see very little of but when I do it is amazing!

This one action is to be a “problem solver” when you answer the call.

A problem solver is a person who searches for a solution, a way and the answer to the caller’s problem.

Now I know the person answering phones is not the Dentist and they can’t absolutely diagnose the caller’s dental problem but they can start to offer a way to help the caller.

As soon as you answer a call you need to start asking questions to find out what the caller’s dental issue and concern is.

Ask yourself these questions while you are on the call:

What does the caller need help with?

How can I help them best?

What solution or offer of hope can I give them?

This is your job when people call your Dental Office. It is not about answering the phone and talking the ears of the caller.

It is about asking questions, listening, asking more questions, offering one or more solutions and then making and confirming that appointment.

I had the pleasure of talking to many airline representatives this week.

There was a significant variety in the people I spoke with on the phone.

One person was stern, forceful, asked questions but seemed to dismiss anything I was saying and asking, and was not interested in listening to my story attached to the reason for my bookings.

The next person seemed helpful but did not have much of a solution.

I then got cut off and they didn’t call back.

The last person was Angie. Angie the Angel from Hobart. I even called her this on the call. “Angie the Angel.”

Why did I call her this?

Well she was like my guardian angel.

She listened, asked the right questions, connected with me and went through a whole series of ways to find me the tickets I was looking for all along.

She found the tickets. The tickets that the other airline representatives could have found but did not search for them or spend the time with me that Angie did.

It was amazing. I kept saying how much she had made my day.

Imagine if I had not made that additional call and just resigned myself to no solution.

I believe there are a whole lot of people calling into Dental Offices right now who are not being helped with a solution or a hope to their dental concern.

People love people who help them and find solutions to their problems.

The people calling your Dental Office are wanting and looking for the right person answering their call to offer them help and a solution.

Answering a call and wowing people is how you start that lifelong relationship.

Be a problem solver, help the caller and they will make an appointment with you.


This blog  features simple practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

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