What do your patients really care about?

Patients care mostly about themselves.

Your patients want to know what is in it for them.

If you are trying to only build the quality of the dentistry you have to offer with your patients, you are getting it wrong.

Trying to convince a caller to choose you and make an appointment based only on the quality of your dental treatment, will be a tough phone call.

The first thing a person who calls your dental practice wants to know, is how you can help them.

The caller is wanting:

  • to find a convenient appointment time.
  • to park their car easily and quickly
  • to be able to manage their payment.
  • not to feel any pain.
  • to feel comfortable and at ease during their visit.
  • you to get them out of pain.


Yes the caller does want to be reassured that your dentistry is of the highest quality somewhere further into the conversation, but they mostly want to know how you will look after them and help them.

The person calling your office will be more likely to make and confirm an appointment with you, based on whether they like the sound of the person they are speaking with, and not on what they believe the quality of your dentistry is like.

If they like you on the phone they will start to believe they can trust you and you are the right person to help them.

Make sure the conversation you have with a caller is a conversation about them and not about how good you are and the great quality dentistry you offer.

Most of the time a caller has already got the impression from your marketing and reviews that you do amazing dentistry at your practice.

I often see dental practice marketing that is so focused on the dental practice and nothing about the patient, their problems and how they can be fixed.

If the caller likes and trusts you then they will automatically believe and know you will offer them quality dentistry.

So the next time you are on a call stay focused on the caller and what they need and don’t make it all about you going into a lengthy monologue about how good you are and what great quality of dentistry you offer your patients.

Dentistry is all about the patient.


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