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The answer is your patients notice…….


This is the reason why you need to make sure everything is great!

Good enough is just not good enough anymore!

You need your Dental Office to be amazing for your patients.

How your dental office look makes up a big part of this feeling!

Creating a great look for your practice is one on the easiest ways to impress your patients, yet I see it being so overlooked!

Now one of the easiest ways to start to be amazing is to take a long look at your dental office.

So how do you know what your patients are looking at?

It is best to believe your patients are looking at everything.


One of the best and easiest ways to test out what your patients see is to have all of the team, walk into your practice and pretend they are a patient.

This means coming to the front desk to be greeted just like your patient arriving, having a seat in the patient lounge, walking to the treatment room, sitting in the dental chair and then returning to the front desk and finally leaving, just like your patient.

Here is a list to get you started:

Check these when you arrive:

  • Is the entrance near the front door clear of leaves and rubbish that may have blown around during the day?
  • Is the glass on the front door clear of fingerprints and dust?
  • Is the entrance flooring clean and clear of toys etc?
  • Is the front desk wiped and ready for the patient?
  • Is the team ready to greet you?
  • Does the team smile and make you feel welcome?
  • Does the team come away from their desk to greet you as a New Patient?


Check these when you sit down in the patient lounge:

  • Are there enough seats and are they clean?
  • Are the up to date magazines put back after each patient?
  • Are shabby and ripped magazines removed from the lounge?
  • Are toys cleared away after children?
  • Is the lounge area dusted and any screens wiped over?
  • Are all the light globes working?
  • Are the walls clean of marks?


Check these when you walk to the treatment room:

  • Are there marks on the walls?
  • Are the floors clean?
  • Does the team smile as I walk past the rooms?


Check these when you sit in the Dental Chair:

  • Is there somewhere to hang my coat and place my handbag?
  • Is the chair clean and dry?
  • Is the light over my head free of fingerprints and smears?
  • Are there big marks on the ceiling?


Once your team gets into the habit of checking things consistently they will be doing it all the time as they walk through the practice doing what they normally do all day.

You want your team to be noticing things just as much as your patients!

You are communicating so much to your patients as they look around your dental office and notice things.

Your patients should be raving about not only how good your dentistry is and but how good they felt going to your dental office.

Make what your patients see, part of a positive and memorable experience for them.


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