As I sit in my home praying for no wind, low temperatures and rain during the bush fires that are 30km away, and have ravaged many parts of Australia, I am reminded of the human spirit and what many people are made of.

At this awful moment in the history of Australia, many of us are living through the absolutely heart wrenching fear of losing their home, their memories, their hearts and even more terrible, losing their loved ones.

I am living this fear right now along with many of you or people you know.

The fear that I am about to be robbed and my hands are tied and everything material will be taken from me except what is packed in my car.

I have never experienced this before and it is very difficult!

Many of us who are experiencing these horrific bush fires first hand, know exactly what I am writing about and if you don’t I know exactly, you can imagine what it is like. The whole nation can.

What I have noticed over the last week is the amazing human spirit of determination, loyalty, community and generosity.

Of course I have grown to expect nothing less here in Australia.

We are no stranger to the harshness of our land and once we work out how to live in harmony with our land we will be much better off.

You might remember my post this week, “2019 seems to be ending with a real theme for me. Being affected so closely by bush fires we are getting a dose of heroism, determination, vigilance, community and “I’ve got your back.”

I am seeing so much support and reaching out to people in need.

People in the bush fire affected communities seem to know that someone will always “have their back.”

I often wonder how people who have lost everything material to them, can still keep their spirit alive and kicking!

The firefighters both paid and volunteers, have been amazing in our area of the Southern Highlands, NSW.

They are ready and willing to leave their own families and homes to help someone else and their family.

Who does this?

What type of person makes this selfless choice to help others?

Firefighters do this! Both men and women.

The name fire fighter says it all.

They are fighters.

Fighters of fires, fighters of life, fighters for people’s property and people’s memories.

A fire fighter is selfless, knows the need for excellent communication, knows how to work as a team, is dedicated and can adapt to certain situations.

I have been listening to the fire fighter tracking app to get first hand updates and not once have I heard anyone be rude, annoyed or stressed. Everyone has been so professional and just getting on with the job of helping others.

I have been so impressed.

Imagine if you had a firefighter on your team.

Maybe you already do.

Keep our firefighters safe, well rested, well fed and very importantly well loved.

We need you so we can get through such a difficult time together as a nation.

I know I do! Thank you.


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