I know many of you reading this blog are measuring and tracking lots of numbers in your business.

You have all heard over and over again of the importance of measuring and tracking your results.

If you want a successful and growing business you track and measure and look at important KPIs every day, weekly, monthly and annually.

Measuring your KPIs show you how you are going in your business.

KPIs show growth and prosperity and also the decline and loss in your business.

You need to be measuring your production, collections, profit, the number of new patients, the number of active patients, the cancellation rate for existing patients and new patients, your overheads, the production of each existing patients and new patient, as well as your case acceptance, the type of dental treatment completed and team expenses (or as I like to say, your team investment).

And very importantly, if you want a successful business, you also analyse, compare and do something with these numbers.

Look, I know some Dentist do this, some Dentists want to do this and some Dentists just don’t do this.

I know this because Dentists tell me when I ask them.

The truth is, you do need to be measuring all of the above KPIs, but there is another important, yet overlooked KPI to add to the list.

The KPI of calls coming into your practice that DO NOT make an appointment.

Right now I know many of you are saying to yourself, how is this a KPI, a Key Performance Indicator?

How does knowing how many people did not make an appointment, a measure of anything?

It’s a measure of your missed opportunity.


It’s a measure of what your business missed out on.

You attracted people to your business, they wanted your help and somehow you didn’t get the chance to help them.


When you know WHY, anything is happening in your business, you can fix it!

So why are people not making that appointment?

When you start measuring and analyse how many people DON’T make appointments you start to see the why.

When I measure this number for Dentists, I have found the following reasons why:

  1. They are attracting the wrong patients that don’t match their practice.
  2. Their team are struggling on calls and don’t know what to say or ask callers.
  3. They don’t have enough people answering phones for the number of calls coming into the practice.
  4. Their Appointment Book has no structure to be able to easily book patients in.


The good news is, once you know where the weakness lies and what is not working well, you can fix it quickly.

It is not enough to just have a feeling something is not right.

Start paying attention and measure that overlooked KPI of people calling your office and NOT making the appointment.

Find out the reason why and fix it now!


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