Right now your whole team have been put to the test.

Teams have had to step up and show what they are made of.

Some have shown they are loyal and steadfast while others have failed!

Your team have had to be flexible and think outside the box and you may have had people on your team that have been unable to do this and have left you.

How your team communicate with your patients right now during COVID-19 has been a real test on their communication skills with patients.

Excellent communication skills or a desire to learn and develop excellent communication skills is necessary for everyone on your team.

People on your team with little or no people skills, are harmful to your patients and harmful to your business.

Big time!!!

I often wonder how people with little or no people skills, find their way into a profession that relies heavily on excellent communication and getting on with people.

It all starts at the point of hiring your team.

One problem that can happen is you hire too quickly.

A team member suddenly leaves for a number of reasons and you panic!

You hire quickly because you fear not having anyone to fill an available position at the practice.

It must be better to have anyone rather than no one.

It is no fun being down a person on your team. The team suffer, your patients start to suffer not to mention you the dentist.

When you are looking for the right person you want to be very clear about who you need on your team.

When you are interviewing people you want to be clear about your expectations and ask questions to check the person can deliver what you want and need for your patients, your business and the rest of the team.

Always check the candidate for the position has a positive attitude and an aptitude to learn and develop the skills needed.

A Dentist recently asked me who the best person is to hire for the front office of a dental practice.

You want to hire a person with a positive attitude, great people skills, who is hungry to learn.

You can easily teach people the skills they need to do their job well, but difficult to teach them to have a great attitude.

At the interview, give scenarios of patient interaction on the phone and face to face communication. This is a great way to check how people can think on their feet using their people skills.

You should never settle for people on your team who cannot relate to people. The people you hire will be communicating with your valued patients. You can never afford to get this wrong.

You want to look for people that are comfortable talking to people and enjoy having a conversation, people who can listen, ask great questions and are patient focused.

Take a bit more time and thought when hiring and you will find the right people to join your team



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