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Have you ever thought about the reason why your patients come back to you?

On the other hand you have been thinking why you might be losing so many patients.

It is something you need to stop and ask yourself from time to time.

Knowing the reason why your patients come back to see you means you can keep doing this to ensure that nothing changes.

There are a number of reasons your patients come back but one of them is very significant and the reason why so many dentists struggle keeping patients.

Many patient surveys have discovered that the number one reason your patients come back to see you is because….

Wait for it……

They like you.

Not just you but your whole team.

If one person on your team is not likeable then that can have a big impact on whether your patients come back or not.

You have heard the stories about patients not returning because the front office people were rude to them?

Well sadly, it is true.

The number one reason people do business with people is because they like them.


Now, being likeable is not as simply as it seems.

I know it is something that seems effortless for many but it is something that most people do put a lot of effort into.

You think about all the qualities of the people you like:

  • They are a good listener
  • They ask great questions
  • They smile
  • They are easy to understand
  • They are authentic
  • They like people
  • They are positive
  • They are confident
  • They are non-judgmental
  • They are helpful
  • They are polite
  • They are trustworthy
  • They are respectful
  • They are kind
  • They are reliable
  • They are fair
  • They are friendly
  • They are understanding

Now as a Dentist these are the qualities your patients are looking for.

These are the qualities that keep patients coming back.

We become very concerned about teeth all the time and really the Profession of Dentistry is about people first and teeth second.

When you get this in Dentistry then you really help your patients and they keep coming back to you.

Being likeable is something that most people want to be. We work on it in our personal and professional lives.

Being likeable is what makes the difference, especially to your patients.


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