Most of you probably already know what a “call conversion” is.

It is a call that comes into your dental office that then becomes an appointment.

I like to take this one step further.

A call that comes into your dental office that becomes an appointment that is then a kept appointment.

When I ask Dentists what their call conversion rate is at their practice they usually don’t know.

Most dentists don’t know their call conversion rate, because they don’t track and measure it.

Life gets busy in your practice. I know this very well. But there are some areas of your business that are worth the extra effort and are necessary if you want to survive and thrive as a business.

But the main reason why most dentists and business owners don’t track and measure their call conversions is because they don’t know how important it is.

They don’t get this.

So why is it so important to know your call conversion numbers?

Call Conversions are important

Knowing you call conversion numbers means you now know:

  • how many people called your office
  • how many people made appointments
  • how many people did not make appointments
  • why people did not make appointments

Knowing these numbers and this information is priceless!

If you know how many people called your office, you now know if your marketing is working and still worthwhile investing in.

Knowing how many callers made appointments is always important.

But knowing how many people did not make appointments is even more important.

This number may be painful, especially if the number of people calling your office and not making appointments is higher than the callers making appointments.

The good news is, you now know you have a problem.

You are now aware and have the choice to do something about this big problem.

You now know what most dentists do not!

With this information you can look at the reasons why callers are not making appointments and look for solutions to offer the callers.

You now have an opportunity to work on the communication skills needed to handle these type of calls

You will now be able to offer a solution and give your callers an opportunity to make an appointment.

Have you been leaving this up to chance when your team answer calls in your business?

Have your front office team been struggling and you have been unaware?

Your team may have been embarrassed to ask for help or they may have thought they were doing OK.

Track and measure and know for sure what your call conversions are.

Start with your team counting the calls each day and making notes or better still set up Call Tracking so you know exactly what is being said on the calls.

Now you can check these call conversion numbers and you will know if you need help and your team need training.


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