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I hear so many Dentists saying they can’t afford to now train their team because they have just spent so much money on marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the way we communicate with our prospective patients so that they change their behavior and choose us.

We want to make a decent investment in something that will bring patients through our front door.

And then what?

Marketing continues.


We are still marketing to our prospective patients when they call the office. We still need to handle the calls effectively so the caller decides to make an appointment.

There is another part to the total marketing. The Dentist now needs to present the treatment needed and the Front office needs to ensure that the patient goes ahead with their treatment and makes the appointments.

Can you see now how marketing isn’t just about what happens before the prospective patient calls the office? [This is just one part of the marketing investment]

Training of both the Front office team and the dentist is vital for both the marketing to your patients and the marketing of your dental business.  The Front Office needs to be able to handle the calls coming in and make appointments and the dentist needs to know how to present the treatment to the patient, so that ongoing treatment is understood and accepted.

Once Dentists see that marketing involves internal marketing as well as external   marketing then the investment on team training makes sense and is an excellent investment.

Have a close look at how you have been investing in marketing and ask yourself this: Does it include the training of the people in your business? The external marketing is needed to get your phone ringing but the real investment is investing in the marketing and training of your people.

Don’t forget to spend equal to or more on Team Training and your own training.

It’s pointless to be just getting as many new patients as you can through your doors if you haven’t perfected answering the phone, making appointments and treatment acceptance.


This blog will feature simple practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

At present I have availability for three new private clients. For more information on how I can improve your Dental Office’s Phone Numbers contact me, Jayne Bandy at  jayne@theDPE.com

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