You all know by now there are so many parts of the day when it comes to running a successful Dental Practice.

There are daily routines that must be completed and important tasks that cannot be left out.

With so much to do each day, how do you ensure you don’t leave anything out?

The answer is… must have checklist.

It has been proven that having excellent checklists will improve your team’s performance.

We all have limitations of what we can remember. A checklist will ensure you remember and it makes life so much easier and faster!

A checklist allows you to keep track of what needs to be done each day and more importantly a checklist ensures all the daily tasks are being completed and by whom.

I thoroughly recommend sitting down as a team, look at your workflow then list all of the tasks that must be completed daily, weekly monthly and even annually.

You then need to divide all the tasks among the team so everyone on the team is fully aware of what they are individually responsible and accountable for.

Creating checklists highlights the work load of each of your team and if it is manageable or support is needed.

I am amazed at how often I see team members taking on more and more tasks until they start bursting at the seams, while other team members appear to be doing very little.

At my Dental Practice we starting creating checklists based on the roles of each of the team.

Make sure every person who works in your team has a clear and easy to follow job description.

Checklists of tasks to be completed can then be added to each job description.

Having clear and easy to follow job descriptions is so important, especially when you are on boarding a team member. You never want to throw a new person in the deep end with no true role and then scratch your head wondering why they are under performing.

One of the best ways to create any job description is to have each person already in the roles to list everything they do each day.

Once you have this list you can then work through the lists to create job descriptions with little or no overlap and ensure everything that needs to be completed at the practice is being done.

Be warned that during this process you will discover holes in the daily tasks where team members just thought someone else was doing a task or too many people are doing the same task.

Back to the checklists……..

The purpose of a checklist is to help your team perform their duties more efficiently and consistently.

An excellent checklist will also have clear steps to follow.

You want the checklist to be achievable.

A checklist also reduces confusion and who is doing what at the practice.

I love a physically checked off checklist so other people know tasks have been completed. Have a check box to check off.

The tasks one person performs at the dental practice, directly affects the task of another person.

I include many checklists in my Dental Phone Excellence Program to help teams improve their phone skills and overall communication with patients.

I have a checklist on the New Patient Call that has 8 Steps to follow and are checked off on each call.

Other Checklists I have always found useful are:

  • Daily opening of the practice Checklist
  • End of Day Checklist
  • Lab Work Checklist
  • Triage Checklist
  • Daily Cleaning Checklist
  • Sterilisation Checklist
  • Tray Set Up Checklist

And there are many more!

If you do not have Checklists in your practice to help your team with their daily tasks then start creating them.

Empower your team to start the process of creating the Checklists and then use them every single day.

You will see a big difference. Your team will be clearer about what they do and more accountable.




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