You follow up with your patients when they don’t have another appointment. This means an appointment for their Preventive Care/Hygiene or Dental Treatment.

There are two ways you follow up with your patients.

The first way is to send out a generic and impersonal letter, postcard, email or SMS asking your patients to call your office.

And the second way to follow up with your patient is to call your patient and have a personal conversation with them about them and the appointment they need.

I’m sure you can see which is the better choice.

When Dental Teams let me read their follow up letters. they usually start with:

“Our records show…….


“In a recent examination of your dental records…..”

This is not personal and just looks like something generic from your dental software.

I know some patients will always respond and make an appointment after receiving this type of letter, but how many of your patients don’t respond to this letter.

What happens next?

You then send another follow up letter. Usually the same one again and again and most patients will just continue to ignore the letter.

You end up with a systematic cycle of follow up letters with hardly any response.

This then becomes a system in your practice and a belief that you are following up with your patients when in actual fact there is no real follow up happening.

Why not call your patient. You know most of the patients very well because you have built a relationship with them already. Call your patient.

This is a great way to start your Patient Follow Up Conversation:

“Hi John, this is Jayne from Active Dental. How are you today? (A conversation will often begin at this point)

Dr Green has asked me to give you a call.”(pause and listen to your patient)

“He is very concerned because you have not made your appointment for……let’s make you an appointment.”

Can you see how the call is now personal? It is about the patient and their dental needs and about the relationship between the dentist and the patient.

Once you call your patient, you can ask questions, answer questions, try to remove anything getting in the way of the patient going ahead and making their appointment.

You can’t do this in an email, SMS, letter or postcard.

The more “RECALL” (I so hate that word!!!) letters I read, the more I see how impersonal they are.

I know following up on a call with a patient can be a little uncomfortable at first.

It helps to keep in mind that the reason your patient didn’t originally make the appointment or cancelled their appointment, is often still the same reason they have not made another appointment.

Be prepared to have a conversation with your patient on the phone about what is still in their way of going ahead with treatment and know what solutions you can offer your patient.

This is what you do when you are truly helping your patients.

Once you start making follow up calls the RIGHT way it becomes easier and you get better and better at making  appointments for your patients.


What exactly is going on, on your Dental Practice Phones?

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Call Tracking Excellence is More Patients KEEPING appointments.

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