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To really help your patients effectively you need to first be able to talk easily with them.

Talking WITH your patient is different to talking TO your patient.

You want ALL communication with your patient to be a discussion where your patient actually does more talking than you do.

But how do you easily talk WITH your patient?

The answer goes back to the beginning, when you first meet your patient.

When your team first speak to your patient on the phone.

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When your team meet your patient at their first appointment.

What was the type of conversation that happened at these initial touch points on the phone and on arrival at that first appointment?

This conversation is the one that sets up how you and your team will continue to talk with your patient.

This first conversation on the phone is often referred to as “cutting the ice”.

This first conversation is all about getting to know the caller, finding something you have in common with the caller and getting past any awkwardness on the call.

Being able to do this comes easy to some and is very difficult for others.

I believe you can learn communication skills to help you “cut the ice” on that first phone call.

So why do some people just know how to start up a conversation with people and others have trouble.

It takes practice and getting past your fear of beginning a conversation with someone you don’t know.

People are successful on this first phone call when they are confident and fearless. They know what to ask the caller and where to take the call.

They are friendly, assertive and know the purpose of the call is to help the caller and make them an appointment or help them keep their appointment.

Once you are focused on the purpose of the call and you keep trying to make conversation with the caller other than just their dental concern, then you will begin to “cut the ice” with the caller.

Many people who start working in a dental office find starting a conversation with a caller quite difficult but soon it becomes easy, enjoyable and all part of your day helping people.


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