I know we are living in very tense times and what is happening in our world is serious so it is time for us all to pay attention to how we are feeling, how we are responding to the world and what sort of coping mechanisms we are putting into place to keep our mental health in check.

I believe one of the best and easiest ways to help ourselves right now is to laugh more.

It has been proven that more laughter in your day gives you a better quality of life!

I know finding something to laugh about is tough at the moment for all of us.

Research has shown that if you laugh everyday you are healthier, people love to be with you and you make people feel great!

Laughter is so important in our Dental Office with our team and our patients.

It’s okay to laugh right now even with COVID-19 controlling our lives and businesses.

By the way I am not talking about the Nitrous Oxide type of laughter!

Laughter is the number one way to make someone feel relaxed and comfortable.

When we laugh we release endorphins, which make us feel happy.

When I am presenting my workshops I get the best interaction and focus from my audience when there is laughter in the room.

Sure, you have to be careful to pick the time for laughter in your dental office, after all there are patients in your office who are in pain, are quite serious and deeply concerned.

Being able to laugh helps you to connect with your patients and be creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Working in a Dental Office can often be a place of stress and concern. Laughter helps cut through this and actually increases your productivity.

So if you don’t already laugh at work, you should think about starting.

Today is the day to lighten up and start laughing more.

Having a sense of humour at work will help your team be more motivated and enjoy being at work, and how important is that!

Laughter at work brings people together and your patients will see this.

I always say, a team that laughs together will stay together!

Next time you answer a phone call at your Dental Office smile, look for an opportunity to laugh and connect with the caller. Your patients are more likely to feel at ease and open up to you.

A good laugh breaks down the barriers and brings you in closer to the person you are talking with.

Breaking down barriers with patients is something that we work on everyday, why not bring laughter into the equation.

Inject some laughter into your day and see what happens!

Yes, that was me trying to make you laugh!


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