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I remember over the years that I worked in my Dental Office that there were a number of changes that would happen at the practice.

Changes to our team, changes in our office and surgery floor plan, changes when we hired a hygienist for the first time and when our surgery hours changed.

When we changed things we would start to become concerned about what our patients would think. Our patients may not like these changes.

Now we all know that as all businesses grow then it is inevitable that changes will happen.

Part of growing is changing. Part of changing is making things better for your patients.

We soon discovered that most patients were not really concerned by change, we just thought they would be concerned.

We were worrying unnecessarily about how our patients felt about the changes around them.

I remember when we hired our first hygienist, we were concerned about how the patients would feel not having their preventive care appointment performed by their dentist.

For most of our patients it was not an issue, once we explained everything.

Because we were confident knowing our patients were receiving the very best of care with the hygienist, then the patient was more than happy to see the hygienist for this appointment.

This concern about change also happens when a person leaves your team.

You immediately feel concerned about what your patients will think and you became concerned about what to say to your patients.

When you let your patients know that something has changed at your dental office then all you need to do is then tell them what will happen from now on.

Keep in mind that your patients are loyal followers of your dental office where you connect with them and acknowledge them and make them feel great. Your patients love you and keep coming back to see you because at your dental office you go above and beyond with patient care.

When you turn around and let them know something has changed then for most of your patients this was never going to be a problem.

Be confident when you tell your patients that things have changed.

Your patients will be ok with it if you are ok with it.

Your patients know you have their best interests at heart.


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