I am always looking at statistics and how they relate to your Dental Practice.

Tracking and Measuring gives you so much vital information about the health of your business, yet many Dental Practices do not Measure and Track very much at all.

Have you ever thought about the statistics on answering calls in your Dental Practice?

Well let’s look at some of the stats I have gathered and let me know what you think.

Did you know that Thursday between 4 and 5pm, is the best day and time, to call your patients?

Have you been randomly making calls without thinking about the most effective time and day is to make these follow up calls?

You could be wasting a lot of your time calling at the WRONG time and on the WRONG day.

44% of Dental Practices give up after just one follow up call.

If you call a patient with outstanding dental treatment and care and they are not ready, confirm a time with them to call again rather than believing they will never be ready to go ahead with treatment. This is a much better way to help your patients and book more appointments.

Only 11% of Dental Practices actually ask their patients, face to face for referrals.

You might believe you are asking your patients for referrals, but a sign at the front desk or something written on their treatment plan or invoice is never the same as actually asking.

Start doing this and see what a difference it makes to your Patient Referral numbers.

I know they will increase!

So many of your patients are more than happy to refer their family and friends but unless you remind them and give them a nudge, only a small number of your patients will. This is a fact!

You know I love this one: Continuous team training will give you 50% more appointments.

You can see how this is always one of the best investments you will make in your Dental Practice business.

The average company spends $10-$15000 each year on hiring people and only $2000/year on training. I found this stat very disappointing. All that money spent on people who never stayed.

Why not train your team more so they do stay rather than a revolving door of people.

You may not be spending this amount on hiring people but how much are you spending each year on training? Why would you hire amazing people and not want them to grow and become more amazing in your business?

You already know this one: Keeping your patients, costs less than always trying to replace them with New Patients.

Ask yourself this question: How many patients do you lose each year that you could have kept? Do you know this number?

When you are speaking with your patients did you know they are 63% more likely to remember what you said if you tell them a story.

Why not share a patients experience with another patient, remembering your oath of privacy, of course.

Your patient will add to the story and make the whole conversation much more memorable and it will help your patient understand and take action.

There are many different stats when it comes to the percentage of unanswered calls in your dental practice. Do you know how many of your calls go unanswered?

You WILL be shocked once you know.

Did you know that on average 6 out of 10 phone calls are questions about the price of treatment and care?

You can see why it is so important that your team are well prepared for these calls and know exactly what to say and ask the callers.

The stats coming out of call centres, tell us that 85% of customers are not satisfied with their phone experience.

What sort of patient experience are the people calling your dental practice, getting? Is it what you want?

These are all interesting stats that get you thinking about the performance and results at your dental practice.

Start gathering your own stats.

Track and Measure and know what is happening every day.

Learn from your stats and change what needs improving.

It is fascinating and fun to do!


If you want to know about the Dental Phone Excellence System I developed over many years working in my own Dental Practice and the same System I now share with many Dental Teams, then give me a call or send me a quick email.

The teams I have worked with all say how much easier it is using the Dental Phone Excellence System, when they answer calls and how many more kept appointments they make and confirm for their patients.

1300 378 044 or jayne@thedpe.com.


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Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement complete Phone Answering system I developed that helped me to build an extraordinary dental practice in the heart of working class western Sydney.

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