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You may have heard someone say,

“He was a fast talker.”

This is really code for “you can’t trust him.”

What is one of the most important things to do on the phone?

The answer is to build rapport with the caller and gain their trust.

Have a think. Are you a fast talker?

If you are a fast talker then you have probably not gained the trust of your callers, which has affected the number of appointments you have made for people.

I was recently on the phone talking to a medical receptionist and she spoke to me so quickly that I just felt she didn’t really care about me. I felt as though I was just another caller and she had better things to do with her time than talk to me.

I was not feeling the love!

So have a good look at how your phones are being answered.

It is time to slow down when we answer the phone.

It is also the same for how quickly we talk to patients when we are face to face with them.

This made me think about the purpose of talking.

Talking is to communicate.

Communicating is the ability to translate a message to another person and to be easily understood.

Talking quickly while you are on the phone can result in your message being misunderstood and unclear.

If people on the phone are saying to you:

“I didn’t quite get that.” 

“I don’t understand.” 

“I am confused.” 

“Can you say that again?”

then it is time to think about how fast you are talking.

When you listen to people in the media and how they deliver their message you will notice how they speak slowly and actually pause, between sentences.

The pause is so we can take in what has been said and absorb the message before we move on to the next message.

We should be doing this when we answer the phone in our dental office.

Research has shown that the more we pause when we speak to people, the more they understand and believe you care about them.

Do you think this is even more important when answering the phone in a dental office?

Absolutely it is!

On the phone it is even more important to ensure the caller has understood you and is then ready to make an appointment, otherwise we run the risk of callers not making an appointment.

So slow down, pause, and spend time with the caller.

The caller will appreciate this, like and trust you, and want to make an appointment at your Dental Office.


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