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I went shopping the other day with my daughter and we ended up shopping where we don’t normally go shopping.

We ended up going into another outlet of our favourite store where we usually buy clothes.

This particular women’s clothing store is a store where mother and daughter can shop together.

There is always something there for the 20-something girl and for me the mother as well.

We love it!

As we walked out of the store with a few shopping bags and obviously some great shopping success, I made a comment to my daughter.

I said, “We should shop at this store more often rather than where we usually shop.”

My daughter asked, “Why?”

My reply was, “Well it is a bigger store with more selection.”

What my daughter said next really made me stop and think.

She said, “But Mum, this store doesn’t have Maria.”


Maria is the Store Manager at the store we usually go to.

I asked my daughter what she meant.

She said, “Maria knows our names and she also knows what type of clothes we like and I really like Maria. She is kind and friendly.”

My daughter was absolutely right.

Why would we change stores when we receive such fabulous care and customer service from Maria?

I know the new store was larger and had more to choose from but we had always managed to buy some great clothes from Maria and we did love having a chat with her.

I then thought how true this is for us in our Dental Practice.

I have mentioned this before in my blogs but it is so worth mentioning again and again.

The reason why our patients come back to us is because they like us.

We are kind and helpful. We are friendly and our patients connect with us and like us.

It seems so easy and it really is.

But you must give your patients great customer service and care consistently each and every time they visit.

Patients who appreciate and like you are often the best referrers. They send patients to you who they know will like you just as much as they do.

You must always remember that just like my shopping experience your patients can be enticed to go somewhere else at any time.

If you work hard to keep your patients they will never even think about going to another Dentist!


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