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Life in your Dental Office is a busy place with people multi-tasking, following systems, offering the “Ultimate Patient Experience” and all with a very big smile.

But unfortunately, you can easily get caught up in the system of the system which often means you lose sight of what you are there to do.

And that is to help patients find a solution to their dental problem.

Cancellations are a great example:

You have a system that you follow when a patient rings to cancel their appointment.

You go through the steps of the cancellation call system then you find yourself recording the reason for the cancellation, cancelling the appointment, placing the patient on the cancelled appointment follow up list.

You believe you are doing your job.

In reality you haven’t done very much to help your patient.

You didn’t offer a solution to the problem.

All you did was delay or stop the patient going ahead with their treatment.

You systematically added the cancelled appointment to a list, then to another list and then to yet another list with no real solution for the patient.

What you need to do is ensure the system you follow is about finding a solution. A way to get your patient in for their appointment for treatment.

Adding a patient to a list just makes more work for you and doesn’t help the patient.

Have a good look at the steps or the system you have for a patient who calls to cancel their appointment.

Are you following the steps to finding a solution for the patient or does your system just add the patient to a list that ends up going around circles?

You may not have the correct steps to follow.

If you have no systems in place for cancelled appointments, then today is a great day to start.

You now have an advantage in getting it right.

Have steps that offer patients solutions to ensure they keep their appointments and continue with their treatment.

You have a duty of care to provide all your patients with this level of service and care.

Your patients will soon work out that you are indeed helping them.


This blog  features simple practical ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow in your Dental Office, impacting immediately on your Patients’ Dental  Phone Experiences, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

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