Are you measuring and tracking the numbers in your practice?

Everyone knows by now how important it is to track and measure your results.

Yet I am still astonished how many practices I speak with, that are not tracking and measuring or worse, they are tracking and measuring but doing nothing with their numbers.

I always say, “If you are going to track and measure your results you MUST then take action and make changes for improvement, otherwise you might as well not bother tracking and measuring!”

So, what is the reason why you need to track and measure your results?

Well, the answer is simple. To find out how you are going and fix what is not going well.

It’s sort of like a blood test.

You have a regular blood test to check you are healthy, and nothing is wrong and if it is, you can nip it in the bud and take action, sometimes to even save your life.

But you may be that person who waits until you are not feeling well and you rush off to have a blood test only to find out it’s something serious that now must be acted on quickly.

Tracking and measuring in your business is like a blood test. You can consistently keep checking your practice numbers and know straight away if there is a problem, or not track and measure only to find out there is a major issue you now must fix, if you can!

I believe everyone in the practice should be involved in the collection of data to track and measure.

This way the team understands what it all means and how their performance and action have a direct impact on the practice numbers.

Very often I see practice owners heavily involved in practice reports and the team are in the dark.

If you want your team to perform at their best they must be involved and understand the practice performance numbers.

Another issue I have noticed in practices is the lack of consistency when it comes to data collection.

This comes back to the team not understanding of what it all means.

If the team has no idea why they are tracking and measuring and what the plan is once you have the data, then you have little chance of getting the team consistently doing it.

I am working with a practice who gets it.

The practice owner has empowered her team to understand the purpose of collecting data and collating the data ready to analyse and make improvements. Every week the figures are sent through and checked off and open discussions are had during training and coaching. The team feel good when they see improvements and an incentive program for the team is spurring them on to grow and be better personally and for the whole practice.

Tracking and measuring is an eye opener and a game changer to your practice…..excuse the cliches!

What you track and measure tells you how you are going in your business. Are you running a healthy business that is flourishing and growing or are you in decline or even stuck.

This is the sad news.

The number that is NOT being tracked in your practice right now is…….

The number of New Patient Callers who don’t schedule an appointment.

There is no report in your dental software to find this number!

Every time your phone rings you have paid for it to ring. You paid your marketing people to get the phone to ring with good quality qualified leads.

Every time these people call your practice, and they don’t schedule a kept appointment, this is a loss to your practice.

An unconverted call is a MISSED OPPORTUNITY that you won’t get back!

When you empower your whole team to be involved in tracking and measuring is is not a chore or something they want to roll their eyes at. It creates a sense of achievement as a team and if done correctly is a lot of fun!

I spoke to a team the other day and the team member said, “I love that sort of stuff. I love number crunching.”



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