I often get asked, how I quickly and easily I doubled my New Patient call conversions and doubled the size of our Dental Practice along the way.

I am a former primary school teacher who worked in and owned a dental practice with my husband, the Dentist.

We were struggling to schedule New Patients and keep patients from cancelling appointments.

Something had to change. We couldn’t keep going the way we were.

I soon discovered a fantastic new way for dentists to make a tremendous amount of extra money in their dental practices. 

It’s just a simple, systematic way of answering the phone, which increases new patient inbound phone call conversion rates up to 77% or more.

Yes, 77%… or more 

And the nice thing is, literally any dental office can do this same thing, or better. 

All team members who want to do a good job, are quite capable of doing this. 

Take this little quiz and see how well you do:

Mark off which one (if any) of these critical metrics your team is consistently keeping track of:

  • The exact number of new patients calling into your office on any given day, week, or month. And how this compares to any other day, week or month..
  • The specific percentage of these new patient calls that are actually being converted into new, paying patients.
  • The specific percentage of your new patient calls that aren’t being converted into anything.
  • And, for all your new patient appointments: how many of these patients are actually keeping their appointments? After all, it’s nice to say “I got ‘X’ number of new patients this week,” but it’s actually far more important to know, with certainty…….exactly how many new patients you actually kept.
  • The exact number of your existing patients who call in and cancel their appointments – again, on any given day, week, or month. It’s just a matter of knowing what to say, and how to say it.
  • For all these cancellations, what percentage of them are rescheduled? I hope, for your sake, it’s quite a lot. Because as you’ll see… it needs to be if you want your practice to experience consistent growth.
  • For all these cancellations… what percentage of them are completely lost? “Completely lost” means your patient cancelled their appointment and does not want to re-book the procedure, at all.
  • And lastly… what percentage of these cancellations are put back on the books using a follow-up call, later on? Unfortunately, most dental offices don’t even do these types of follow-up calls. And if you’re one of these practices, you’re losing thousands of cash-flow dollars every single month, because of this.


So, how many of these numbers are you actively keeping track of?

And by “keeping track,” I mean ‘accurately recording, measuring, and tracking for improvement, on a consistent basis.’

If you’re like most dentists I’ve met with, you may “kind of” know one or two of these metrics… but you’re probably not “tracking” any of them.

And if you’re not, let me ask you a very blunt question:

How can you possibly run a profitable dental practice not knowing what’s going on in it?

Not tracking and having a grip on how your most valuable assets (your patients) are behaving… and not having a system to get them to behave the way you want them to?

So my advice is if your not measuring and tracking your results you can start tomorrow.

Start by tracking the metrics I have mentioned here and you will be well on your way to success!

If your new patient numbers are down, or if you’ve just “sensed” for a while you’re not making as much money as you should be from inbound phone calls… then download your copy of this Free Report right now: 




What exactly is going on, on your Dental Practice Phones?

Call Tracking Excellence is a RESULT, not a product.

Call Tracking Excellence is More Patients MAKING appointments.

Call Tracking Excellence is More Patients KEEPING appointments.

If you are interested in my Call Tracking Service or have any questions please call 1300 378 044 or email jayne@thedpe.com. Stop missing out on making appointments.



Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement, complete Phone Answering System I developed that helped me to build an extraordinary dental practice in the heart of working class Western Sydney.

If your new patient numbers are down, or if you’ve just “sensed” for a while you’re not making as much money as you should be from inbound phone calls… then download your copy of this Free Report right now: 


If you’d like to know more, download my sixteen page FREE special report “How I Quickly and Easily Went From 35% to 77% New Patient Telephone Conversions, and Doubled The Size of my Dental Practice Along the Way” and discover some of the many costly mistakes being made on your phone…..


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