Keep Your Cool On The Phone And Do This

It seems lately that the biggest issue in the customer service industry is how to stay cool with your customers.

We have seen a few Airlines struggling with customer service and how to deal with conflict.

Answering the phone in your business can at times be very difficult.

Callers are not always happy and how the call goes depends on how the call is handled.

We have all heard this, “the customer is always right.”

Being right is a perception of reality, very often the perception of your customer’s reality.

Either way you are never going to be a winner in customer service if you are not agreeable and understanding of every situation.

You want the caller to start to think about their perception of reality and then you can start to reason through the issue or conflict.

Put on your listening hat.

When a caller is annoyed you need to be quiet and listen first.

Don’t jump in and offer solutions too soon.

It is so important to let the caller say what they need to say while you listen.

The next step is to talk in a calm and slow voice and start to get the caller thinking by asking questions and listening to them again.

The questions you ask, can actually be the solution.

While you are on the phone you want to avoid taking any type of attack, personally.

The person on the phone often has a problem but you are not the problem, you are there to offer a solution.

I know this can be a challenge at times.

Keep in mind that when someone appears angry and annoyed on the phone, it is often not because they are an angry person, they are angry about the situation.

Once you separate the two, it is so much easier to find a solution.

People who are frightened, confused and frustrated, sound angry and annoyed when they are on the phone.

Think about the times when someone has been so angry on a call and then once you work out how to solve their problem, the person on the call turns into a much happier person.

Keep your tone calm and helpful. You don’t want to also get angry and annoyed.

Two angry people on the phone goes nowhere in a hurry.

If the caller believes you understand their situation and you will help them, just watch their anger start to disappear.

Working on your customer service and how you answer the phone to prevent conflict should be your first priority, but things can happen and when they do you want to make sure everyone in your team knows what to do.

Create procedures to follow on a conflict call. This will ensure your team know exactly what to say and how to respond correctly.

Responding the wrong way can get you into a lot of hot water and you will lose customers.


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