You will be shocked at how many people call your office and do not make an appointment.

Why is this happening?


This is the question you need to ask yourself.


Why do people call your office, and hit a brick wall rather than an open door?

Well, here is what I am seeing and hearing in many dental offices.

A person calls your office with a dental problem or concern most of the time.

The caller very often has a first question they immediately throw at you, like, “how much will it cost me to have 3 implants?” or, “do you do veneers?” as well as other questions like this.


Now this is where the biggest mistake is made.


The team member you have chosen to answer the phones in your office, who is usually not educated or trained on how to answer the phone, immediately answers the callers question.

Then they answer the next question, then the next until the caller feels satisfied that the team member has given them enough info and they are now ready to call the next dental office to ask them exactly the same questions they just asked you.

I know you might be thinking right now, “there is no way my team are doing this.”

But this is exactly what is happening on many phone calls, and it could be happening in your practice.

The team member comes off the call believing that this caller was just “shopping around” and was just after information.


Here is the reality of these non-converted phone calls:


The non-converted phone calls are all missed opportunities to book and start treatment and care, often for a high production patient who would have gone on to continue their care and treatment over many years to come and refer other loyal referring patients.

All because the team member, who answered the phone incorrectly, didn’t have the skills to be able to help the prospective new patient come in the door and enter your practice.

So many team members in dental practices do not have the communication skills to affectively convert calls to appointments, especially patients wanting the high production treatment and care you offer.

I know many team members are working hard with what they do know, and really, they only know what they know and many team members are frustrated by their inability to make more appointments.


If your team are struggling to convert calls to appointments, this could be why:


They do not have the correct communication skills to cope with the calls they receive.

What they know is not enough to get them results.

When your team are missing the communication skills, they need to convert more calls to appointments, you miss out on the patients you need, and the patients miss out on you.

There is no reason, once your team know what to say and ask on the New Patient Call, why they cannot convert more calls to appointments.

When your team are competent and can the master the communication skills needed on phone calls, they will turn the caller’s questions into their questions and guide more callers to come in for an appointment.

Most New Patient Calls can be easily turned into kept appointments, but your team can’t do this without the right communications skills.

I wish, it was as easy as picking up the phone, but it is not.

The good news is that these communication skills are not hard to learn and action and get results.

Do yourself, and your business, and your patients a favour, up-skill your team.

Help your team be the best they can be and watch what happens to your appointment book and the type of treatment and care you get to do for patients!

Open the door to your dental practice.


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•         Module 4: Correct and Easy Appointment Scheduling

•         Module 5: How to Prevent and Handle Cancellations

•         Module 6: How to Follow Up Your Patients

•         Module 7: Giving the Very Best Patient Experience

There are a total of 42 Learning Videos and over 60 Worksheets, Checklists, Templates, Scripts and Flowcharts to help support your team’s learning.

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