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I heard this recently on the radio, “Quality at an affordable price”.

What does this mean?

What is quality and what is affordability in your Dental Practice?

Quality is the standard you measure things against. Affordability is about being able to pay for something.

You know your patients go ahead with treatment once they “get it”.


Quality and affordability play a big part in your patient’s decision making when it comes to going ahead with treatment.

When your patients have a sense of value for their treatment then they will go ahead with treatment.

Once patients get the value of their treatment then they get the quality and it becomes affordable.

If there is no value then there is no quality and treatment is not affordable.

But what do your patients value?

What is important to your patients?

Every patient will be different so you must find out if you want your patients to go ahead with treatment.

So much emphasis is placed on quality being about money.

Money now becomes the key decision maker for your patients.

So often you fail to find out what else is important to your patients.

You make a presumption that money is what your patients value the most and there are so many other things they value.

This happens right at the beginning when a person calls your office with a dental concern and problem they need help with.

The caller asks about the price and then the call becomes about the price. Price becomes the value. You then try to build value and quality around the price.

This also happens when patients are presented with the fees for their treatment.

Take the time to find out what else your patient values.

Look at what else your patients also value:

  • customer service and how you make them feel at their appointments
  • their appointments are always on time
  • convenient location and parking
  • pain free dental treatment
  • the connections with you and your team
  • your professionalism
  • trust that you will always have their best interest at heart

Take the time to find out what your patients value and keep building that value for them.

They will soon understand the quality of their dental treatment and it it won’t be only about the price.


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