Does is seem like your team are just not getting their job done and under-performing?

Are they doing something completely different to what you want them to do?

Have you ever listened to your team when they answer the phone and speak to patients and they just don’t sound right?

The reason this is happening in your Dental Office is because your team don’t know what you expect and have never been shown what to do.

It is so important right from the start that your team are clear about their role at the practice, what you expect and the steps to follow.


Jumping to the conclusion that your team are lazy and incompetent is often what happens and people with great potential leave.

I believe there are four main reasons why front office teams fail to perform well.

1. They have NO Job Description

A job description clearly states what the team’s daily tasks are and the role that each person has in the functioning of your business. If YOUR team have no job descriptions, they don’t know what they are doing and only know bits and pieces of their job.

2. They have had NO Training

Proper training is essential for the whole team. You want to make sure your team know how to do their job properly and meet your expectations.

Very often Dentists believe in hiring people with previous experience. Previous experience can be great but it is not always lined up with how you want to run your Dental business.

I also see Dentists who rely heavily on existing team members to train new people even though the existing team barely know their own jobs due to a lack of training.

I went into the business of training teams because I experienced first hand the frustrations team members have when they have not been trained and I know how this has a negative effect on your business and keeping staff.

3. Your team has NO Support

Your team need a go-to person at work to advice and guide them, especially when they first start. Having support helps people keep on track and provides reassurance and accountability for them. No one wants team members making things up as they go.

4. You have The Wrong Team

When you are clear about your expectations, your team are trained and you offer great support, a team member can still struggle with their job. There is a time when a person you hire is just not suitable for the job. The match is wrong. This is why it is so important to monitor and check on team members at the practice all the time.

Have a good look at your team today.

Decide if you have the right team and they are competent at their job.

It’s time to ask yourself the following questions:

Are you offering correct training?

Do you have a clear job description for your team to follow?


Are you offering your team enough support?

You know your team are there to help you grow your business and help your patients.

Your team are your biggest investment and asset so do everything you can to nurture them.


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