Have you ever called a business and the person answering the call sounds like a ROBOT?

By robot, I mean they sound as if they are just going through the motions, they can’t wait to get you off the phone and don’t even sound like they are listening to a word you are saying.

I know you have ALL had this happen and don’t you just hate it.

You come off the phone let down and disappointed that you were not made to feel important.

It’s so rude and most of the time you wanted to do business with them and give them your money.

Is this same thing happening in your Dental Office?

Well, you need to think very carefully about who is answering your phones every day in YOUR business.

Are the people you have entrusted to look after your patients, letting them down on the phone and letting you down?

Let me ask this a different way.

Do you even know if the people answering the phones in your business are letting down your patients or potential patients who call your office?

It is time you found out for sure.

I know most business owners would always believe their team are doing the right thing and making the callers feel important and special, but what if they are not and you continue to believe they are?

It’s time to know for sure.

Over the years of working with many dental offices, I soon discovered there is only one way to truly know what your team are saying on phone calls and that is to listen back to their phone calls.

No, it’s not BIG BROTHER. Teams are very open to the concept of having their calls recorded…..well the ones that want to improve and shine!

Recording calls in a business is not something new.

How many times have you heard at the beginning of a call, “This call may be recorded for training purposes……”

Many businesses have worked out that knowing what is being said on their business phones is crucial to the growth and survival of their business and this is why, they choose to record the calls.

The good news is it is quick and easy to set up and start doing.

Woman on phone 6

The bad news is that many businesses do record calls coming into their offices yet fail to do anything with the call recordings.

When YOU DO NOT know if a team member is struggling to cope with calls or purposely not doing the right thing on the calls, they WILL just continue doing the same bad thing over and over again……..with YOUR patients.

This is crazy.

I know, right now, you are trying to work out whether your digital support people actually have call recordings set up for your business.

Well, if you do discover that your business calls are being recorded and you have been doing nothing with them, there IS good news.

You can do something straight away.

I have been working with a number of dentists helping them listen to their calls. I then work with their team to help them change the way they speak to their patients.

Changing a pattern of behaviour does take time, but it DOES change.

Just ask the teams I have been working with.

It’s all very easy and simple to start. Just ask me and I will tell you how.


Call Tracking Excellence

With Call Tracking Excellence your team will learn the SAME exact processes Jayne used to:  

1. Dramatically improve new patient call-in conversions to booked appointments..

2. Retain existing patient appointments and

3. Prevent ongoing losses from appointment cancellations.


Click this link to find out how to get started. It’s that easy! http://www.calltrackingexcellence.com/


Watch this space. There is something very EXCITING coming your way for 2021. I have been wanting to give this to you for quite a while now and it is all happening VERY SOON!


If you want to know about the Dental Phone Excellence System I developed over many years working in my own Dental Practice and the same System I now share with many Dental Teams, then give me a call or send me a quick email.

The teams I have worked with all say how much easier it is using the Dental Phone Excellence System, when they answer calls and how many more kept appointments they make and confirm for their patients.

1300 378 044 or jayne@thedpe.com.


Dental Phone Excellence is a simple to implement complete Phone Answering system I developed that helped me to build an extraordinary dental practice in the heart of working class western Sydney.

If you’d like to know more, download my sixteen page FREE special report “How I Quickly and Easily Went From 35% to 77% New Patient Telephone Conversions, and Doubled The Size of my Dental Practice Along the Way” and discover some of the many costly mistakes being made on your phone…..



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