Why do your patients say NO to their necessary dental treatment?

The problem might be that your patient did not understand the importance and urgency of their treatment.

So why does this happen?

The problem is very often a communication issue.

You have not communicated to your patient effectively.

The words you choose when explaining treatment to patients is the difference between the patient saying “Yes” or “No”.

So choose your words carefully.

Always ask yourself:

Has my patient fully understood my message?

Have I asked my patient if they have any questions or is there anything they would like me to go over?

The one thing I see missing when team members communicate with patients, is checking that the patient has understood everything that has been discussed with them.

Don’t ever presume your patient understands the treatment and care you recommend.

You should always check with your patients first.

The best way to check for understanding is to ask your patient if they have any questions.

“Do you have any questions before we make your appointment to start your dental treatment and care for………?”

Patients can become embarrassed when they have not understood something and rather than ask you for clarification they may simply say “No” to treatment.

Give your patients an opportunity to ask questions during your conversation with them.

The questions your patients ask you will tell you what is important to them..

This will eliminate confusion and resistance to starting your patient’s dental treatment and care.

Always remember to keep your conversation with the patient simple and use language they will understand and can relate to.

Very often the patient becomes confused by dental clinical jargon that can easily be replaced with words the patient will understand.

When you discuss treatment with patients don’t fall into the trap of giving a lecture.

Include your patients in the conversation.

Ask questions and let patients have their say.

Your patients will be more likely to then say yes to dental treatment and care because they understand and now feel comfortable and ready to start.

You can see the way you communicate with your patients has a big influence on how you help your patients make the right decision and say YES to treatment and care.


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