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How do people choose you as their dentist?

Do you know the answer?

You need to know this.

Once you know the answer to this question you can make sure that more people choose you for the same reason.

Now I recently read an article in Choice Magazine written by Jemma Castle, which is inevitably trying to help people make good choices!

This is how the article began:

How to find a good dentist: If you’re looking for a new dentist, word of mouth is a good place to start.”

This is excellent advice.

Many people choose their dentist from the advice of their friends, family and even reviews they read.

Powerful stuff!

If you are not attracting your new patients through the patients that already love you and think you are marvellous then you should be.

This type of referral is easy and the cost is the vested relationship you have already built with your already loyal patients.

The added bonus is, the referred patient is often very similar to your loyal patient and they too soon become a loyal patient as well.

Ask your patients verbally to refer their family and friends.

If you ask them they will.

I much prefer this over a sign or a comment on your business card or invoice, but still have them as well.

The article then advised this:

“Ring ahead and get prices for a check-up, clean and fluoride treatment.”

Ok now we get down to the reason you are getting so many New Patient questions on the phone about price, people have read the Choice article maybe!!!

Asking how much something costs is what the general population does with most things so why would asking the price about dental treatment be any different?

Now the article started to make more sense:

“Quality and care: Price is obviously a big factor, but it’s not the only important thing. Other things to look out for in a dentist:

  • Is the clinic clean and hygienic?
  • Does the dentist have a good rapport with staff and patients?
  • Do they clearly communicate any problems and possible treatment plans with you?
  • Do they provide you with options and inform you of the risks involved?
  • Do they answer your questions and provide you with reasons for their recommendations?
  • Do they ensure that you agree to all fees and treatments before starting?”

This is excellent advice.

People need to consider many other things before they choose their dentist.

Alas this is the part that people forget when they are deciding on buying something or a service.

They get caught up in the question of price.

How many of us have chosen something based on a low price and realised that we had made a bad decision and should have looked at other reasons for our choice.

There is ALWAYS so much more than the price, to decide on before we choose anything.

People need help when they are deciding.

Help your future patients when they view your website and other marketing then help them again when they are on the phone making their decision.

Give them great reasons to choose you.

Take price out of the equation.

Stand out from other Dental Practices.

Help people choose you.

Make price last on the list of reasons that people choose you as a dentist.


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