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You know those times when you believe you are saying the right words to your patient and you are actually saying the wrong words?

Telling your patient not to “worry” means they will start to reduce their concern and urgency about their appointment and their care which more than often leads to your patient delaying treatment and dental care.

This is not good!

Telling your patient “it is just a clean” starts your patient believing their Hygiene appointment is not so important.

The word “just” means “only”, “merely” or “simply”.

Saying “just” means your patients believes the act of cleaning their teeth is no big deal.

I have heard dental teams refer to a clean as “routine” and “regular”.

Again, this starts the patient believing their appointment to have their teeth cleaned is ordinary and monotonous.

You want your patients to have a level of urgency and concern as this feeling plays a big part in your patients taking action.

The solution is to start thinking more about what you say to your patients and start using language that is positive and helps your patients take action.

Remove these words to describe the Hygiene/Preventive Care Appointment:





Re care


Start thinking of what we have referred to as a routine clean appointment as an appointment that is very specific and focuses on a particular type of care at the hygiene preventive care appointment.

Having a significant reason for your patients to return for further care is so important and yet so overlooked when you discuss your patient’s next appointment.

During a patient’s Hygiene Preventive Care Appointment, your whole team needs to focus on what is important to the patient as well as at least one aspect of care the patient needs to continue at home and what you will follow up on at their next appointment.

Your patient will now start to see their next Hygiene Preventive Care Appointment as not “just a cleaning” appointment but an appointment for specific care and treatment.

Changing a few words can make such a difference.


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