Do you often have people go to the effort of finding your practice, they then call your practice and speak with you, but then they do not schedule an appointment.

You are left wondering what happened.

Why did they not schedule an appointment?

Was it something you said?

What went wrong?

It is always good to find out the reason why a caller does not schedule an appointment.

You now have an opportunity to offer a solution where possible and schedule that appointment.

But have you ever thought the reason people are not scheduling appointments is because they are confused and did not understand.

Checking if a caller has understood you is necessary if you want the caller to take the next step and schedule the appointment.

The caller may not be able to understand you because:

  • you are speaking too softly.
  • you are speaking to fast.
  • you are mumbling your words
  • you are not saying words correctly
  • you are not paying attention
  • there is too much background noise

The good news is, that everything listed above can be fixed so the caller can understand you.


One of the very best ways to start sounding better on the phone, so you are easily understood by the caller, is to record your calls and listen back to them. I record calls coming into Dental Offices, so I get to hear if the caller has understood and how well the team are speaking on the phone calls.

When the teams listen back to their phone calls, they hear what they need to improve on, to be understood by the callers.

Let’s look at some simple ways to start making changes to the way you sound on the phone calls and how to be understood better.


If you are finding people are saying to you that they cannot hear you, please do not continue thinking that all the callers must be going deaf, or they need to turn up their phones.

It is you not them, it is you!

We need softly spoken people in the world but NOT on phone calls.

Having said this, you do not want to be the extreme opposite and appear like you are yelling at the caller.

As Goldilocks once said you want the volume of your voice to be “just right”.

Listen to a call. You will soon work this one out! I find slowing down how fast you speak is a great place to start as well.


Are you a fast talker and callers are missing most of what you have said to them?

Many people will not ask you to repeat what you have said, and the conversation continues.

This leads to confusion and misunderstanding and often no appointment scheduled.

A great way to slow it down on phone calls is to actively listen and ask questions. This pace forces you to speak slower.

BTW don’t speak too slowly, you don’t want to put the caller to sleep!


Again, speaking with the right volume and speed will immediately be clearer for the caller.

Avoid mumbling on the phone calls or stringing words together. I have found if the phone is too close to your mouth that your voice becomes distorted and hard to understand.

Paying Attention:

When you are active in a phone conversation, the caller will also be actively listening to you. Immediately the caller will understand you and be more likely to ask questions and ask questions.

Reduce Distractions:

Background noise is one of the biggest distractions on a phone call and affects the caller being able to understand you on the call.

Try to answer all calls away from background noises and other conversations. I know this is easier said than done in most dental practices that have limited space where they phones are answered but this is worth looking at to see if there is a solution. Often you do not notice these background noises as much as the person on the other end of the phone line.

So have a good listen to yourself on a phone call. Decide where you would like to make improvements, so you understood more clearly on phone calls.

When a caller understands you, then you are going to schedule more appointments.

Remember if you sound amazing on the phone you will sound even more amazing when a patient finally gets to meet you.



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