I am sure you have heard people say, “we are on the same page.”

When you are successfully connecting with people you are speaking their language.

The language they understand immediately!

When people understand you and get what you mean, they will trust you and they will follow your advice, suggestions and recommendations.

This is very true for your patients.

If your patients feel you are not speaking their language, then this is a big problem when you go to discuss their treatment and make appointments for them.

The general public believe you don’t understand them, and they don’t understand you.

But you can change this perception.

Start by building up a personal connection with your patient on the phone and in the dental chair.

Stop diving straight into the clinical discussion. Get to know your patient first. Find out how they communicate so you can get onto their level of communication and match it.

Your worst enemy is not being understood.

It starts with dental jargon.

You use it because this is what you know but the patient does not. Straight away this just does not make sense.

When you are communicating with patients you need to use the language they understand.

“BOP,” says the Hygienist while the patient sits in the chair wondering what this is.

Well I suppose you have raised their level of urgency and concern by making them wonder.

But the truth is what you have really done, is confuse your patient.

A confused patient is one that is very unlikely to go ahead with any treatment that is recommended.

You want to avoid creating any confusion with your patients.

Replace dental terms with everyday language that makes sense to your patients.

Check your patient has understood what you have said. You give yourself an opportunity to rephrase something.

I get there are times when dental terms can give you a level of expertise and doctor status in front of your patients.

But take it easy.

Not too much, or you risk tipping your patient into confusion.

Have a close look at what you say to your patients.

Could you replace a few of your dental terms with language that your patients will GET straight away?

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