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Last week I was on my early morning walk, ear-phones in and music turned up.

I was in the zone thinking about my day and enjoying the sights of my local area.

When I walk I make sure that every person who walks past me gets a hello and a big smile.

It is very easy to do but apparently, it is just as easy not to do.

I can’t understand why people cannot take the time to make eye contact and acknowledge.

Today I had a few awkward moments when my smile was not returned.

Acknowledging people as we pass them by should be a big part of everyone’s life.

It made me think about our Dental Offices and how easy it is to acknowledge and smile at patients as they arrive at the practice, as we pass them in the corridors of our office or see them in a treatment room.


Acknowledging your patients when they arrive at your Dental Office can be a challenge if the day has become more hectic than you anticipated and you are on the phone.

Some eye contact, a smile, a nod or gesture with the eyes will be enough until you can speak to them.

Test it out today and see if you are making appropriate eye contact in your own office.

If you’re are not giving that eye contact to your patients, they will soon feel invisible and unimportant and not want to continue seeing you.

A look starts a connection, especially with your patients.

Can you make the eye contact needed to start that connection? If you don’t then you need to.

Watch and learn from people while you are out and about.

We often say certain people have “charisma.” Have a good look next time and you will find they have brilliant control of eye contact!



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