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“It wasn’t us, it was them.”

I heard this said the other day while I was standing in a long line waiting to be served at the post office.

“Wow!” I thought to myself.

The woman serving customers in the post office believed she was off the hook because she did not directly cause the problem.

No solution was offered to the customer.

I thought about it.

That customer was still her customer.

You can only imagine the face on the customer who just wanted help and a solution to the problem.

The people waiting behind this customer also had the same face.

“It wasn’t us, it was them.”

Is this what your customers want to hear when there is a problem?

The answer is no!

Is this happening in your Dental Office with your patients?

One of the Golden Rules of providing your patients with care and service is that your patients are *your* patients and what happens to them in your care is your responsibility.

Now I am not saying it is always directly a problem you caused but it is still your responsibility to ensure your patient feels the love from you and that you can sort it out.

Our duty of care to our patients is to give them an excellent patient experience and the very best care and treatment.

When something fails in their patient experience then we must let our patients know we will fix it straight away.

*Passing the buck* and not accepting responsibility is a sure way to lose patients.


Your patients expect you to give them total patient care.

You do want to avoid any situation that will negatively affect your patients experience but there are times when things can go a bit wrong.

The lab work was promised to arrive at a certain time and doesn’t

Or the patient’s appointment has been incorrectly made.

It may be something out of your control but you need to take responsibility for it and do your best damage control.

Your patients will appreciate how you take the fall and find a solution.

Blaming someone else and passing the buck just means you are not in control and you don’t really care about your patient.

So next time there is a hiccup in your patient’s experience accept responsibility, find a solution, and maintain your patient’s experience!


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