What you say during times of crisis is very important.

Every crisis is negative and no one wants it to be happening. It is very easy to join in with negative conversations.

Right now we are all experiencing a crisis that has affected the way we live and how we all think.

What we say affects how you think and feel as well as those around you.

The best medicine right now during COVID-19 is positivity, clarity and hope. The words we choose to say definitely help.

Dentists and dental teams are all scared and unsure right now but so are your patients.

Now is the time NOT to turn your back on your patients.

NOW is the time to be there for your patients.

When you turn away from your patients you are turning away from your business as well.

Dr Todd Cameron from Scale Your Clinic put this so well. He said, “Bring your community in tight.”

If bringing your patients in tight is the answer, then why am I seeing so many dental practices not doing this.

I know all businesses are struggling right now and people are scared.

Now is the time to bring your patients close.

When you return to your business you don’t want see that your patients have gone somewhere else because another dentist was there to help them during this time.

How do you help your patients now?

If you have decided for a number of reasons to stop providing dental treatment and emergency dental treatment, you CAN still help your patients.

You can help your patients by keeping contact with them and offering:

  • hope
  • optimism
  • refer them to someone who can help
  • positivity
  • acknowledgement
  • empathy

There are a lot of people calling dental offices right now wanting appointments. I know level 3 emergency care is all you can offer but you want to be ready to help them now or in the future.

Not having an answer for your patients is not the answer.

When people are looking for help they will keep looking until they find someone.

You want to make sure that someone is you.

Keep your phones on and have your team answer all the calls.

Turn off your voicemail during office hours, even if your office is now closed.

The last thing anyone wants to hear right now is a recorded message telling them you will help them. People are lonely, confused, scared and want to talk to a real person immediately.

People leaving messages sound disappointed, let down, confused and even annoyed.

Be the Dentist your patients will remember.

Be the Dentist that really cared.



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