Are you a good listener? Are you what we call, an ACTIVE LISTENER?


Do you just pretend to be listening to someone?

It usually doesn’t take people long to realise you are tuned out and don’t really care about what they are saying.

Maybe someone has done this to you.

People WILL ALWAYS APPRECIATE it when you take the time to be an active listener rather than a fake listener.

Who wants to be a fake anyway!

So if you are guilty of FAKE LISTENING, then STOP it!

When you start to switch yourself ON and start really listening to people you will LOVE IT and others will also LOVE IT!

Many people are so busy talking they end up ONLY listening to themselves and missing out on what others are saying, and missing out.

If you struggling to be an active listener, the best way to start, is to zip it up and stop talking.

The next step is to stop thinking about what you will say next in a conversation.

Just because you are listening, doesn’t always mean you need to be ready to reply.

Often a nod in agreement is all that is needed. This can also give the message that the person talking can actually continue talking, knowing you are listening and engaged in what they are saying.

A true conversation does not have to be a tennis match, back and forward taking it in turns.

The ability to be an active listener is crucial if you truly want to connect and be trusted by your patients.

Being an active listener while you are on a phone call is a great place to start and rather easy.

Ask questions and let the caller do the talking.

You are still guiding the conversation yet actively listening, connecting and building trust.

Now go and have a good look at how you listen to your patients.

You might not be doing enough listening!



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Call Tracking Excellence

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