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You want to have enough patients that you can manage successfully, grow your business, and still offer optimal care.

To care for your patients you need to know them.

You need to know what they need and what they want.

What “we” need is a matter of survival and necessary.

And wanting is about our desire for something.

As a Dentist you know what your patients need but your patient has to also want it and desire it.

Patients proceeding with their dental treatment and saving their teeth seems essentially so necessary to the Dentist but to the patient it is a highly emotional decision and depends really on whether they want it or not.

You need to know what is important to your patients and you need to know what might be standing in the way of them going ahead with treatment.

Once you have this knowledge then you can look at ways to help them and offer solutions.

Without this knowledge of your patient you really cannot offer the solution that is right for them.

The trap I see a lot of dentists and their teams fall into is what I call “guessing what the patient wants” and guessing what is important to the patient.

Instead of finding out what your patients want, you start to guess!

The sad part is that we don’t even know we are doing this with our patients.

A good indicator that we are guessing what our patients want, is when patients stop going ahead with treatment and your new patient numbers drop.

Your job is not to try and guess what your patients are thinking and want, but to found out what they are thinking.

The best way to find out what your patients want is to ask questions and listen. Listen for most of the time.

Once you know what your patient wants you can start to treatment plan and find solutions.

Don’t fall into the trap of not listening to your patient, not asking questions, and then guessing what they want.

Our mission as Dental Professionals is to get to the emotional decision making of our patients and help them.

We can’t help our patients without truly knowing what our patients want and desire.


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